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Cookie information

What are cookies?

  • Cookies are small pieces of information, stored by your web browser on your computer. They enable things like keeping you logged in as you move around a website, or carrying address and delivery details from page to page as you make an online purchase.
  • They're very commonly used, right across the web. In fact, without them websites would struggle to deliver the kind of experience that we've all come to expect when online.
  • They can't contain viruses, they just don't work like that.

Why all the fuss?

  • The EU is worried that some people may be misusing them and has created a directive to address this.
  • The UK is one of the first EU member states to implement the directive as law although there still exists a lot of confusion about what's actually required of website owners.
  • We don't believe that cookies are bad - they're useful. Of course they can be used for nefarious purposes by unscrupulous websites but the same is true of many things available on the high street.
  • We want to play it safe and make sure our users are fully informed.

What cookies do we use?

We automatically set the cookies listed below, so if you're using our site you accept that we're doing so.

Each time you visit the site you'll see an overlay slide down at the top of the first page you see, which makes it explicit that we set cookies. If you click the 'Okay, no problem' button, we'll set this cookie to prevent the site from pestering you with the same overlay each time you visit.

This cookie doesn't contain any information apart from the fact that you're happy for us to hide our notification message. We set it to hang around so that we don't keep asking you the same question. You can set this cookie using the button below too.

Okay, no problem

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz
We use Google Analytics (lots of websites do) to see how well our site is doing. These cookies are set by Google Analytics and allow us to view some anonymous information about the number of visits we get, the most popular pages and so on.

They don't provide us with any personally identifiable information. __utmc is destroyed when you leave the site and close your browser but the others will hang around and may be there next time you visit.

Above all, we will never knowingly share any of your personal details with third parties. We don't use cookies to store personal or sensitive information. We don't use them to follow you around the web or send you spam emails or phone you when you're eating dinner. It's all a bit far fetched anyway, but we take this stuff seriously.

But I don't want to accept any cookies

We hope that you're reassured by this explanation of what cookies we use and why we do so. If you do wish to block cookies from any sites, you can do so by changing your browser settings. Below are links to the appropriate pages for the most popular browsers.

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More about cookies

A quick search for "EU cookie directive" will return a bewildering number of results. Below are a few sites we've found useful in our research. We're not experts and we're certainly not lawyers but we care about this stuff. After all, we use the internet too.