The Virtual Company is a creative web design and graphic design, copywriting and project management business based in Leeds, UK.

We design, we write copy, we write code. We commission and direct illustration, photography and video. We handle print and exhibition production. We design for the web, for print, for exhibition and point of sale. We have worked for clients in IT/telecoms, B2B, manufacturing, the public sector, health, education and the arts.

Virco was set up in 1995 by Carl Waite and Peter Thody, previously co-creative directors of a north Leeds agency. A deliberate decision was made to remain hands-on, building a team of skilled creatives so that we could offer the services of a full service agency while maintaining direct client contact.

Copy & concept Peter Thody

Peter Thody

Design & concept Carl Waite

Carl Waite

Web developer Simon Collyer

Simon Collyer

Design & illustration Kevin Green

Kevin Green


Deciding what is or isn’t creative is so subjective that we’ll leave it to you to make that call once you’ve had chance to browse through our creative work.

Far more important is whether it does the job. Success might be achieved by taking a creative approach, but it’s equally possible that a straightforward, hard-hitting message will do the job even more effectively.

Of course, 99% of successful creative work comes somewhere in between ephemeral fashion ads and in-yer-face ‘Bloggs beer gets you drunk’ messages; what you’re looking for is a team that will get the balance right.


Our clients use us because they like the way we work. Instead of 'middle-man' account managers or executives, it’s just us - the people at the sharp end of the business.

This means lower costs (you're not paying for people to smile and schmooze) and no misunderstandings (you're talking directly to the people who'll do the job).

This lean, hierarchy-free approach gives you the best of all worlds ... a direct interface with the people doing the job, the services of a full service agency, and rates significantly lower than the majority of other agencies.


The most important thing we do is to gain an understanding of client requirements. Anyone can build a website or design a brochure; what matters is that it delivers the appropriate information and engages with the people it’s aimed at.

This means listening and not being afraid to ask the ‘dumb’ questions.

By getting involved we build two-way trust and understanding and that, perhaps more than anything else, is what sets us apart. Many of our client relationships extend back 10 years or more and we’re considered an integral part of their marketing team.


Creative … copywriting … design … involved … yadda yadda. You’ve scrolled through, glanced at the mug shots, speed read a few words here and there but what you’re really looking for are the examples of our work. We know that (much to Peter’s chagrin) no-one reads the words, they just look at the pictures. So here they are.


You'll probably recognise some of the logos below; others you won't. That's because we've been lucky to work with clients of all sizes - from start-ups to regional charities, from SMEs to multi-nationals, they're all valued customers.

Over the years we've produced creative design for clients in IT and communications; for manufacturers in construction and engineering; for charities; and for consumer accounts. We've undertaken custom e-commerce development; we've produced complete corporate identities for national businesses; and we've delivered recruitment website designs. We've designed catalogues and corporate brochures; and we've undertaken exhibition design for multi-nationals.

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Client logos
Client logos
Client logos
Client logos

What could we do for you?


Services. Oh yes. We have many.


If you like what you've seen and read, why not contact us to find out how we might be able to help you on your next design project? No hard sell. No 'can we pop in to see you?'. We're happy to chat informally about any way in which we might be of service, and we'll let you decide if and when you might like to meet us.

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